VS Mind Pirates EP Endless Elevation

by Z-CaT



released July 1, 2015

Written and produced by Gambino Drago and Yana Kramich



all rights reserved


Z-CaT город Москва, Russian Federation

Yana was born in the capital of Russia – Moscow. Her psytrance journey began in 2003. Collecting all the experience and skills, Yana opened her own solo project - Z-CaT. She was engaged in writing music with the new concept of combining twisted rhythms and thin vocals. Her tracks always have special ideas, like small stories. ... more

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Track Name: Z-Cat VS Mind Pirates - Smoking Blend
-Alright, let's smoke some Changa!
-Here? are you sure?
-Here, just on the dancefloor!
Are you in? Let's go!

Changa is quite posibly one of the most amazing inovations in the technologies of sacret in our lifetime!
The smoking blend of banestrapiosis caapi leaves and the natural extract of DMT
Track Name: Z-Cat VS Mind Pirates - Inside my Head
Couldn't sleep, so i went out walking,
Thinking about you, and hearing us talking..
And all the things that you just said,
Echo now inside my head ..