Album Z​-​Cat - Reflected

by Z-CaT

(free) 01:35


released May 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Z-CaT город Москва, Russian Federation

Yana was born in the capital of Russia – Moscow. Her psytrance journey began in 2003. Collecting all the experience and skills, Yana opened her own solo project - Z-CaT. She was engaged in writing music with the new concept of combining twisted rhythms and thin vocals. Her tracks always have special ideas, like small stories. ... more

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Track Name: Z-Cat - Intro
Right now.. the motion of bodies will gain explanation
Of movement that gives birth and parish to everything.
What is the power that forces them? What is the speed..
Functions them on a way.. Inside enternal emptiness of space

In enternal motion, keep in a mind, forever
There is no bottom of universe,
And the bodies will never hold motion at any place
Since there is no end.. There is no limit to Space

I'm walking with shadows..
Never doubt that
I'm counting your heart beating
This is... Z-Cat
Track Name: Z-Cat - Amazing crowd
Nice smiles all around! Beautiful people surround!
Get high in Underground!
I love this Amazing crowd!
Track Name: Z-Cat feat. Killer Hurts - Everything is changing
No hay comienso, no hay final..
Todo esta cambiando!
Track Name: Z-Cat - Maniacos ala Fiesta
Manana comienza hoy, Ahora mismo!
Maniacos ala fiesta!
Track Name: Z-Cat VS khopat - Event of my Life
Cual ha sido el mejor momento de mi vida?
El mejor momento de tu vida es seguir en el Futuro!
Track Name: Z-Cat - Turn back the Time
Is it to late to hold you tight?
I can't believe you've fallen apart.
Is it to late to fix this fate?
Why can't you see we are the same spades!

If only i could change the past..
Let's turn back the time!